Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Superb Kmart Deals

I really have to find the charger to my camera, so I can take a picture and show you all what I got. I'll type it out though, so at least you can read what wonderful savings I had at Kmart.

I usually do not shop there because they are expensive, not organized, and out of the way; however since they were running their double coupons deals, I decided to brave it and pay them a visit.

Let say, I'm glad I did. I got $113.32 worth of items for $41.32 (before tax)! I got numerous items for free or for a little change. Tons of paper towels, toliet tissue, cereal, etc.

My Out of pocket cost would've been lower but I found FABULOUS wall painting on clearence for $7.50 when the regular price was $30 and I picked up an Easter basket for my daughter...since she was being good....for $2.50...all the baskets were 75% off.

I had tons of coupons and I had more but could'nt use all of them since Kmart will only let shoppers use 25 in each transaction per day. I even had a $5 off Kmart coupon which I used with my other coupons as well. I managed to save $72 this trip and Kmart is even giving me a gift card, through the mail, as well!

It took a while to scan all the coupons as the cashier was going very slow but the people in line behind me, the cashier, and manager all complimented me on being a "smart shopper", in their words. The lady behind me, even asked if I taught a class..lol. I think some people were surprised to see a young person shopping that way...since I'm just 24. She asked me how I learned do shop that way and I told her I learned via the internet....reading & research; but before that, the Lord is who gets credit because if he didn't open my eyes and shown me how to shop this way, it would've not happened.

Here's what I purchased:

Huggies Pull-ups
Huggies wipes
Huge Easter Basket
Giant wall art picture'
Johnson & Johnson Lotion
2 Johnson & Johnson travel packs (includes lotion, body wash, powder, diaper cream, & shampoo)
Ziploc Freezer Bags
7 rolls of paper towels
12 rolls of toliet tissue
2 Glade carpet cleaners
Pledge muilt-surface cleaners
2 Glade refills
2 Glade Warmers
Box of Wet Ones-24 ct.
Electrsol Tablets
Airwick Air freshner
4 boxes of Kelloggs cereal
6 pack of orange soda
2 Hershey Bliss bags of candy

I plan to go back, once I gather my coupons. This is too much of a good deal to pass up.

Btw: the wipes, tissue, cereal, glade warmer, glade carpet cleaner, and some other items were FREE, after coupons!

Did you find any good deals at your Kmart?

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