Monday, April 13, 2009

So Much Was Going On & Random Thoughts............

Things are a little slower now.

Now that Easter is over, I can slow down a bit with entertaining, getting unpacked, etc. I know Mother's Day is approaching, but I hope to do something low-key this year. My hubby usually want to know what I would like for Mother's day....this time I'll just tell him, flowers (I LOVE FLOWERS!), Dinner (don't wanna go out on mother's many people, plus I would rather order I don't have to cook), and a label maker. We'll probably do the same with Father's day as well. Plus, by the time we get home from church...we are tired.

Still planning our Anniversary Outing in June; as well as our family vacation in August. In addition, I'm hoping we can make it to the beach, go to an amusement park, and at least 2 picnics in the park this summer; of coarse I will be using as many coupons as I can for these trips...already have some.

I saw a Papa John's special...lg pizza, 3 topping for $10.40 (supposed to be a tax special..good until This Wednesday) that I would like to have. I have been wanting pizza since last week...not homemade or frozen...but papa johns or pizza hut pizza. I'll combine this with a free move rental and we'll have dinner and a movie Wednesday evening.

We are still putting money away in our ING accounts....I believe we have 4 now....I most certainly recommend ING as a method of saving. Although we had to take out a large sum to pay a bill, we know and believe GOD is in control of ALL and he'll see us through.

One of our cars in making some kind of noise...although i don't really hear it, but my hubby does. Side note: both of our cars are older...94 Honda civic 2 door & 98 Honda Accord...4 door... We realize our cars will have more problems than any newer car..but we oh so love have no car payments and a low insurance policy...around $580 for BOTH cars, which we can pay in no monthly insurance payments either.

We finally received the deed to our home and boy does it feel great!

My garden is coming along great. I planting some flowers and cutting some weeds..but we need to get a lawn mover. We have a nice size side and front yard but it isn't big though. Another expense, but it is OUR lawn, so it makes it a little better..LOL

5 Trivia Facts:

In our church my husband has many jobs. He is a Deacon, Sunday School teacher, plays key board, sings, a usher, and the Lord has ordained him to be a minister and he'll have his own church in the future.

When I was younger, I used to eat the white tips of

My husband choose our daughter's first and middle name.

Daughter is being potty trained. She knows how to wipe herself, wash and dry her hands..but pees on the carpet in front of the toilet..instead of in it..LOL

I love the show Family Guy

Enjoy your day...I gotta tidy up and head out to Marshall's....Got a $25 gift card and I have to return something.

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Jenny said...

You have been busy and you changed your blog design!

Bummer about the cars. My Mom and Dad have to buy one, because their '96 Olds is dead. There are some great incentives right now, but nothing will take the sting out of having a car payment again :(

Yeah for potty training! LOL about going on the floor though.