Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Planning for Easter with a BUDGET....

Just like with all the other wonderful Christian holidays, it's ever so important to have a plan, list, and budget in place; especially if we are known to over spend. I try as much as I can (through God's guidance) to give my family a great holiday without going into debt.

With Easter fast approaching, I am starting my planning today. This Friday, we are going to see a Easter play (we have seen it before and it was fantastic). I have to get my materials and such to make some Easter baskets, write a list of decorations/items that need purchasing for Easter Dinner...we are hosting this year. I also have to buy the food that I have to fix as well. I'm going to tidy up our home the Saturday before Easter, so I wont to do any cleaning when I get home from church on Easter. I just want to decorate and get the food warmed up when we get home as we will have guests arrive at 5pm.

Here's my Budget so far:

Item/s Budgeted

(5) Easter Basket supplies/goodies $20.00

3 Bags of Candy $3.00

Food I have to cook (rice, broccoli, brownies) $10.00

Decorations/balloons/table cloths, etc $10.00

Easter dress for Issy (something she can
wear more than once, shoes (will spend extra for good shoes so she can wear them on multiple occasions), stocking, socks,
hair bows) I have a coupon for the dress & shoes.... $50.00

Misc $7.00

Total tentative Easter Budget = $100.00

The above number may sound like a lot but compared to most people, if they kept track of how much they spend on Easter for clothes/shoes/accessories for the kids, food, and entertainment...they'll find that what they spent is well over $100.

This will be funded from our savings and is not included in our monthly budget.

Enjoy your day!

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Jenny said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm starting my budget for Abby's birthday party in May. Hosting parties can really add up!