Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals!!!!

Instead of making New Years Resolutions, I prefer to use the term " Goals". Usually I forget my resolutions by the 2nd week and have already failed keeping them at that point. However, when I make goals for myself or my family, they are usually at the forefront of my brain.

There are 2 types of goals that my husband and I have talked about for this year; Family & Financial Goals.

Our Family Goals:
1. Read the bible in it's entirety in a year. They have many, many resources out there that you can use to help you get through the bible.

2. Have my little sweet pea go to sleep on her own and use the potty by herself. Also ween her from nursing.

3. Have a date night with my hubby at least once a month. Have family fun night twice a month.

4. Eat healthier.

5. Spend more time outdoors when the weather is beautiful. Parks & Libraries are great places to start.

Financial Goals:

1. Spend less money on ALL bills, including Electric, Food, etc. ( will post about this subject soon)

2. Save 30% of our income by December 31st, 2009. Seems like a long shot, but with focus and discipline, it can be done. Besides, when the Lord sees my family being good stewards with our money, he'll make it stretch or even add on to it.

3. Open at least 2 ING accounts. I have seen many people recommended ING as a great place to start, when trying to be financially independent.

4. Get Sweet Pea a piggy bank or some kind of saving device. It's never to early to teach good habits, especially regarding money.

5. Buy our First Home; which we are currently in the process of. I'll keep you all updated.

We have short term goals too ( like starting a savings account for a trip to Disney by September 2010, Lord's will), but I'll do a separate post on that soon. We'll that's our goals! Not too much or too little. With hard work and prayer, I know this can be done.

SAHMs and Sisters in Spirit
Mrs. B.

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