Monday, January 26, 2009

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If your like me, you probably have searched and searched for a budget sheet that you could stick with, easy to follow, and easy to explain to your spouse or to someone else. I have downloaded and printed so many budget sheets trying to find something that would work for me and my family. When I failed at keeping a budget, I just blamed it on not find a good budget spreadsheet.

I finally had an epiphany, when after months and years of over drafts, negative accounts, no savings, and many sleepless nights; i realized that it was me. I was the reason for my family's constant decline regarding our finances. My husband and I also printed out our monthly statements from both of our accounts and decided we would go over them the old-fashioned way; with a pen and calculator.

After totaling the numbers after our bills, and food; we saw that we spend almost $2,000 just in DINING OUT in 3 months. Can you believe that $2,000! That is a lot of money. Think of what we could have saved, just in reducing our dining out consumption. I was so disgusted at myself. I was so angry that I, NOT my husband, but I caused all this because I was too lazy to cook and when I did cook I didn't want what I made.

I had no discipline at all. None what's so ever. And all the while causing my poor husband to feel like he couldn't depend on me. That was the breaking point. I always want my husband to feel like he can depend on his wife; that he can count on me if he cannot count on anyone else. I knew that I had to show my GOD and my husband that I could raise from the ashes and be responsible.

I found a budget sheet that worked and most importantly, I stuck with it. I made sure I knew at all times what our bills were, how much I was spending, rethinking an item before I bought it, researching sales at stores, using coupons, and being frugal. Now, my hubby feels so happy that he can count on me. He doesn't even check the accounts anymore. He just comes to me! That makes me feel so happy, more that any sale could ever do.

Now, I have set goals for my family, got approval from my hubby, and have more knowledge about financial matters than before. I also see the LORD stretching our money and using it to help others. We also are in the final stages of buying a house. So, there it is....our testimony regarding how we started on the wrong track but ending up on the right track.

Looking back, I cannot believe that I would actually get upset when my hubby would try and tell me I should be responsible with the money. I felt insulted. I felt like I am an adult and if I spend money, then don't question me. I believe that is why the Lord, had to bring me to the lowest of low. He had to make me humble and most importantly submissive to my husband. Boy, sometimes I just wanna slap myself for how I acted in the past, but I just thank GOD that he helped me get over that hurdle and I thank GOD for my husband who stuck with me through the good times but the ever so hard times we had. Love you dear!

Anyhoo.......Future Deals....

It seems that because of the economy, there are many stores that are unfortunately going out of business or having huge sales.

These are some of the places I'm keeping an extra eye on for things for my family or for others....

Babies R US
Children's place
Circuit City
Old Navy

When visited at the right moments, you can walk away with so many items and pay pennies on the dollar for them.

For example,
I bought about $95.00 worth of items from BABIES R US and paid maybe $23 for it all!!!!

Nothing..I just feeling really good, deep in my soul and go to closing on our home THIS Friday! Thank You Jesus!!!!

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