Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old Navy, Circuit City, Kohls!!!

Yesterday, I ventured out to look for a gift for my hubby's birthday. As I was out, I decided to take note of any major sales that were going on.

Old Navy....
This place had the BEST sales by far. They had women's shoes and sandals marked down to $.99 cents. Yep, ladies you saw correctly, 99 cents. There were women in there trying and buying those shoes. I went to look but didn't see any that I liked. They had some brown flip flops for children and I got Issy a pair for $.59 cents, regular price $3.50

I then got a kid's jumper, pair of children sneaker's, and a hat for $5.70! Yep the clearance prices were further discounted to an extra 50% off. I got the sneakers for $2.24, they were originally $7.50! I got the jumper for $1.48, it was $12.50 regular price! And the hat we bought was $.99 cents; regular price $3.50!

So before the any discounts my bill would have been $27, but with the sales the total was $5.70! Saved over $21!

Next Kohls....

I really like Kolhs. They sell a lot of well made items but they can be very pricey. While there I didn't see too many good deals. They did have some office furniture like lamps, desks, etc. 50% off. After I did the math, it still was a good enough sale so I didn't purchase those items. I did find however a wedding frame that I have been wanting to put in our bedroom but it was too expensive. But here it was on clearance for $7.99, so I most certainly snag that. I also found a shirt and shorts for $6.70 on clearance. Regular price $33!

Circuit City....

Although they are going out of business, I didn't see too many good deals. They have items on clearance, but not enough clearance, if that makes sense. most of it was 10%-20% off. I didn't purchase anything.

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Jenny said...

Awesome sales! We went to Circuit City last week and noticed everything was marked up majorly! I think they'll have to have a 60 to 70% off sale to make it worth it!

Your little girl is adorable!

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