Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grocery shopping

Shopping Trip-Jan 14th-Jan 22nd

I still have 1 store to visit.
Budget for Acme-$15.00


3 Langer’s Juices
Lysol toilet cleaner
Trident gum
2-4 packs of cottenelle toilet tissue
1 pack of lunchables
Brayer’s strawberry ice cream
Box of popsicles
Pack of shredded cheddar and monetary jack cheeses
Lysol Kitchen cleaner
Cartoon of whipped cream
2 cans of Pringles
5 lb. bag of potatoes
Pie crust
Baking items
Ritz crackers
Texas toast croutons
1% milk
1 Box of 8 go-gurt yogurt for issy
1 box of Swiss Miss Mocha hot cocoa
1 Box of whole grain spaghetti
1 personal pizza
1 Box of strawberry toaster struddles
2 boxes of tri-colored pasta
2 cans of Musselman’s baking apples
Bottle of ranch dressing
McCormick sea salt
Cartoon of frosting
1 pack of permanent markers

Total BEFORE coupons/savings=
Total AFTER/paid out of pocket=
Saved over 30%


5 boxes of iced tea/fruit juices
1 water
2 packs of Nestle cookie dough
Package of chicken breast
Strawberry waffles
Ziploc storage bags
Head of cabbage
2 lbs. of bananas
2 liter Pepsi
2 liter raspberry ginger ale
2 liter grape soda
1 bag of chips
Quaker cheddar rice cakes
Quaker Carmel rice cakes
Quaker Oats cereal
4 cans of soda
Betty Crocker potatoes
Dietz & Weitzen pepper turkey breast
1 loaf of wheat bread
Hunts pack of bbq sauce
Cartoon of strawberries

Total BEFORE coupons/savings=
Total AFTER/paid our of pocket = $27.08
Saved over 56%

In addition, when I looked at my Pathmark receipt, it says I saved $87.10 so far THIS YEAR, and I only been there twice! YAY!!!

How did your shopping trip go? Please share!

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Good job girl!