Friday, January 9, 2009

We Are New Homeowners

I know I haven't been posting lately, but I promise its for a good reason. My husband and I just became First Time home Buyers! It was/is a very stressful and exciting process all wrapped into one. We believe that the Lord made this ALL possible and we cannot take any credit. He blessed us with a GREAT Realtor and other wonderful people in the business. Not only that but they paid most of our costs, like inspection, radon testing, termite testing, mortgage processing fee ( $1,680) and a host of other things. And our Realtor just told us today that we'll be able to use the first time home buyer credit of $7,500 on our TAXES this year (if we wait to do our taxes until AFTER settlement; which by the way we settle on Jan.30th) so we'll have an extra $7,500 at least to save. Praise GOD!

We have set a budget for things to buy for the house and now we can start the fun part of buying a home; SHOPPING!! I've never been so excited to purchase a towel before, but that comes with having your first new home.

The home is actually in good condition. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA so it's VERY expensive to live here, I mean expensive! If we bought a home in one of the southern states, we'd be able to get a HUGE house. But we like where we are now so we'll take something smaller to remain happy. It's 3 updated bedrooms, 1 remodeled bath, private parking, finished new basement with recessed lighting, central air and heat, bright new laundry room, freshly painted walls, new double closets, and so many others things.

We are just so happy and thank GOD for having mercy on us and blessing us with a wonderful home!


Jenny said...

Congrats on your new home!

Have fun decorating!

Sheena said...

Thanks! Appreciate your kind words.