Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Crazy Things About Me.....Don't Freak Out.........

As I'm sitting here thinking about myself, I've come to realize that I was/am quirky, crazy, and interesting all wrapped up in one.

I did some crazy things growing up and thought I'd share them here.

Without further a-do:

1. I swallowed a whole peppermint ball once. Its amazing I'm still alive and well. God sure was watching over me that day.

2. I could spend HOURS in the library. I love reading and learning about history. Before we had kids, my DH and I would go and spend hours in our local bookstore just looking through books and sipping a warm drink.

3. I used to eat the white tips off of matches. I seriously don't have a clue how this started, LOL.

4. I do not like tomatoes by themselves. I'll eat them in a sauce, ketchup, or salsa, but not alone. Its so yucky!

5. I could watch the ENTIRE Lord of the Rings Trilogy, 9 hours straight. Its my favorite movie EVER!

6. When learning to cook for the 1st time, I attempted to make my DH sweet potatoes. It didn't come out well, especially with the half a cup of VANILLA EXTRACT I added. Boy, was his palate on fire, LOL.....

7. I do not like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or Back to the Future. My DH is the opposite.

8. I wish my feet were a size 7. I'm an 8 1/2 and for some reason a size 7 would be perfect for me.

9. I truly believe if I open my eyes under water, I'll go blind. No one can convince me to do this. Nope, no way, no how.

10. My dream job would be to fly an airplane. But I'm currently a chicken, so I guess that wont ever happen. :-)

There ya go......told ya I was crazy.... :-)


Michelle P said...

Haha I love these! And I'm taking a piloting course soon, I already bought the class, but I just need the courage to make an appointment!

Anonymous said...

Thank God I thought I was the only person in the world that has never seen Starwars