Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekly Spending Projection: 9/5-9/11

I have a few exciting things going on this week, some of which costs money.

I am aiming to save more during the 2nd half of this year, so spending extra money will come to a halt!

Since planning is a positive counter offense against over spending, I am listing my Weekly Spending Projections.

Monday-9/5: Labor Day-BBQ at park-No Spend

Tuesday-9/6: Grabbed 2 breakfast sandwiches - $6.33; tolls to get to bible study-$5.00

Wednesday-9/7: My Birthday (will celebrate next weekend) Back to school night-7pm-No Spend

Thursday-9/8: Nothing Planned-No Spend

Friday-9/9: My son's 1st Birthday (party Saturday); pick up Free cake, items for party; daughter school's event-Plan to spend $20.00

Saturday-9/10-Kid's Birthday Celebration! Pick up balloons-Plan to spend $13 max!

Sunday-9/11 Daughter's official birthday. Church-No Spend

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