Friday, September 2, 2011

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly-September Finance Edition

I realized I'm a day late with this but I wanted to post it before the end of the week.

For us, financially, September starts a new era of expenses and we are budgeting in the necessary places to avoid overspending and to much stress at the end of the month.

Since my husband gets paid twice a month; we budget as a whole month, broken into 2 pieces.

Here's how September is looking:

The Good-
*Budget is complete
*Resume Christmas shopping
*Will be turning off the central air-save on electric bill
*Its me, my daughter, and son's birthdays
*Daughter starts 1st day of school for the 1st time ever!!! Yeah Issy!!!
* Earned $245 in FREE Gift Cards/Certificates/Codes-will explain in a later post.

The Bad:
* Made the budget for Christmas and although its under $1,000; at $950; its still pretty close. But we buy gifts for a lot of people, so that's where we are at without comprising on a nice gift.
* Continuing to pay for tuition for our daughter's schooling; I don't like having an extra bill so I will pay the balance off.
* Our older car, a 98 Honda Accord, is on its last leg. Its making noise and is getting louder and louder. To fix it will cost $800-$900 and that's for just one problem. Seriously thinking of buying another car, outright; no payment.

The Ugly:
* The devil! That's what he is!!!


Jenny said...

The car thing is so stressful! If you can pay outright for it, that would be awesome. We know we'll have to deal with the same issue in a year or 2 and we've started saving already.

I hope your daughter enjoys school. Happy birthday to you all!

Anonymous said...

HI!!! Found your blog through a comment on mine and really do like it. We are in the NE towards veree road.

I am going to link your blog to mine so all my pf friends can hop over here to. OH and tomorrow is my sons do have alot in common