Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Young Is Too Young to Be a Successful Housewife?

Part 1....

When my husband and I got married over 6 years ago, I was 20 years old. I had met him when I just turned 19. Right away I fell in love with him; but it wasn’t your standard “boyfriend & girlfriend” type love, but something much more. When we announced our engagement 1 month after we met, we ran into a lot of ‘are you ready for marriage”, or “you’re too young”, or “live life first, then in a few years, if your ready”.

I started to think if getting and staying marriage was even a good thing anymore. Yes, I was young and still am (I’m 27 now), but yet GOD had something else in store for us. Its funny how almost every single person in the bible that was used by GOD had a situation/appearance/background/etc, that wasn’t accepted by “society” standards. I mean, can you imagine the looks and “talking behind the back” remarks Moses must’ve received when he told his family; GOD spoke to him through a burning bush. People’s first thoughts were probably, “Moses is nuts!”

I have to admit, my perception of Housewives was quite different growing up and entering college. As a young child, I can specifically remember being told to study hard so I can go to college and get a good job. I wasn’t taught to keep a house, cook, how to dress like a lady, or even prepare myself for a husband. Many of the women in my family had terrible relationships with men and I was taught that I didn’t need a man in my life. All a man did was become a weight, that I had no job, dozens of children, no education, etc. I didn’t even want to get married because of what I experienced growing up; and if I did get married, it would be when I was older, much older…like 40! LOL

And kids, don’t even get me started on kids. I didn’t want any children. Nope, none whatsoever! Many girls my age had kids and it was ALWAYS out of wedlock, with some guy they knew for a few months. Here they are stuck with a baby, still in high school, no job, or stable future. I did not want that to be me. That was something else that I was taught growing up……..STAY AWAY FROM BOYS! BOYS ARE BAD!!! BOYS ONLY WANT ONE THING FROM YOU!!

Well, when I met my husband he was 23, gone to college, VERY smart, had a career, active in his church, dressed VERY professional (even on our first date), and extremely handsome. His background was MUCH different than mine. His mom stayed home with him and his brother when they were younger. She taught them how to care for a home, cook, manage money, dress, and behave. I had to learn ALL this, especially when we started talking about marriage. I realized that I would feel VERY bad, even awful, if I didn’t know how to cook my husband a meal, and he’d have to go to someone else or stop off at a fast food place.

When we both decided I would stay home and be a housewife, it was a lot to take in at first. Here I am 22, a college graduate…… at home doing nothing. Well GOD sure did change my perception. I soon realized that my job in the home is so important. It’s like running a company. There’s cooking, cleaning, budgeting, organizing, planning, and so much more. My cousin said that even though the man is the head of the family, the wife is the neck! LOL. That means the head needs the neck to get everything in the body function properly. It guides the head in each direction...LOL

Today, I can say that I LOVE taking care of my family. Yes, there are times when I get into a “rut” and yearn for something a little different. But all in all, I’m happy and blessed. Since I began to stay home, the Lord gave my husband a new job, 2 raises, and got a promotion…in THIS economy! When we let go of my wants and desires, GOD will step in and pour his blessings on you!

Stay tuned for Part 2.......

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