Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's Goin On? Bad Filet Mignon!!! Come On.......

(This is what I was hoping the meat I spent a lot of money on would look like after opening the package)

But Nope!!

I went to the supermarket to purchase some Filet Mignon to prepare in honor of my birthday (I make filet Mignon for me and my DH birthdays, as well as special occasions).

I had it all planned out....Filet Mignon, Roasted Garlic Mash Potatoes, and Sauteed Spinach!! I couldn't wait to eat dinner and was waiting until the time came where I could start cooking.

I gather everything on the counter, turn on the pan and proceeded to open the expensive package of meat I just bought earlier that day.

Upon opening the package, it smells TERRIBLE! I mean T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!

I inspect the meat and its mold on the other side of it. MOLD!!! M-O-L-D, for crying out loud!

At this point I was upset and went to locate my receipt. I called the store, asked to speak to a manager and told them I will be coming in a few minutes with the bad meat in hand.

I get there and the Assistant Store Director meets me. I tell her what the problem was and then had her smell the meat. She then too said it smelled terrible and we both walked to the meat department.

We locate one of the butchers and I told him my problem. We open another pack of Filet Mignon and the same problem!! We open another and although no mold, it still smelled. The butcher said everything looked fine to him and I'm standing there thinking, "why is he lying to himself".

The Store director was telling me I could open as many packages as I wanted until I found a "good pack", but after a while I figure all this meat was going to turn out the same.

Finally, I picked out an even more expensive package of Filet Mignon, got a refund on the meat I had bought originally, was offered many apologies and left.

I get home, inform my DH, and proceed to start cooking again. I open the package and the same problem; smelled bad and was rotten.

We threw it away.


It was no point............

I will not purchase that kind of meat from that market again.

It was kind of bizarre because this is an Upscale kinda place and I NEVER, EVER had a problem with buying meat from them before.

I always could trust their quality and never second guessed my purchase.

Well, that has forever changed.

It sucks because no store is spared from these types of practices nowadays. No store.....ugh


Kevin said...

That sounds so incredibly gross.

I would never go back there again either... and not just for meat. A store that is so bad with their meat is probably one that has other hygiene issues as well.

Jenny said...

Oh no! That is disgusting! I hope you can find a better place to get meat.

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying filet mignons last season. A big grocer here also has a once a year sale on the filets, but you have to buy the whole piece and have the butcher cut it up into steaks. I just did NOT like the taste of the meat. I've since stopped buying it.

We consumers may have a big problem on our hand. We may have to resort to canned goods and frozen fruits & veggies if this keeps up.

I have found a local gourmet fruit & vegetable market that does sell local goods. There cut up chickens are divine but the meats are toooooooo expensive for me to afford. It's hit or miss with the fruits & veggies also. I have to inspect everything lately.