Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eating a cupcake at 10:48pm....... Elephant-circus cupcake from the kids birthday party yesterday!

We had family from as far as 500 miles away come to attend and we all had a blast!!

The weekend was BUSY and we had my grandparents staying with us; which meant no time for blogging, but cleaning, decorating, cooking and trying not to get stressed out, LOL....

But now, everyone have returned home, the festivities are over, my daughter is set for her 1st day of school tomorrow and I am having a much deserved bed.......with my trusty laptop!

Be back tomorrow, lord's will, with a new post and details about the party!

Nite Nite!

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Anonymous said...

Are there any cupcakes left? Just asking since I really really like cupcakes..but not clowns

Congrats on a well thrown party