Saturday, September 3, 2011

Horrible Service = $1.39 Tip!!!!!!!!

Yep; went out to celebrate my kids birthday at a local restaurant! The only good thing I can say is that the food was outstanding! Very tasty and yummy!

I wish I could say the same about the service.

There has been 1 prior instance (in my years of dining out in the US and Europe) where the service was so terrible, when my food came, I asked for a box, paid and left; didn't even stay to finish my Pepsi!

Well this time it was worse.

First, the waitress wrote down our order for drinks and took, to be exact, 15min to bring 3 sodas and 1 apple juice! 15 whole minutes! You know how long that it when you have 2 small kids?? Then she brought 3 straws instead of four and had to wait another 10 min for the additional straw. The group at the table next to us noticed the same thing. Their drinks took 20 min to arrive! Crazy, right?!

So our drinks are set and we order the food. Here's where it gets terrible.

We were seated near the drop off/pick up station where the staff goes to handle food orders. Can you believe she forgot to put our order in! Yes, FORGOT! The cook was telling her, that they never received our order and the waitress swore she gave it to them; when all along, the waitress had left our order slip in the back near the ice cream! Boy, was the cook upset and I was getting heated!

How long did it take until my husband and I got our food, 50 min!!! It actually burns me up to just think back on it and type up our experience. All the while, I am sitting there, trying to calm an hungry, overacted toddler and 4 year old because of the long wait.

Our food come and I ask for napkins as we received none. She forgot. The grilled chicken was pink on the inside. I asked for a 2nd drink, she forgot; both times I reminded her and she replied, "oh, yeah....sorry".

I also noticed she was going the back way behind our table to avoid us because she knew I was looking for her. Seriously, who does that?

The service was terrible. Just awful. Her other tables felt the same way.

We order an ice cream sundae for the kids; took 15 min for just that! Isn't it just scooping ice cream, spraying some whipped cream and adding a cherry? No cooking or prepping; takes what, 2-3 min to make?.....yes, it does.

Finally, we get the check and noticed she completely forgot to give us the discount on the kids meals. She never came back to the table after that point, I just dealt with the manager on duty.

I told my husband, after 2-1/2 hours in a place I was hoping to be at no more than 1-1/2 hours max, that the tip was going to be VERY small, if any.

My husband and I certainly tip well, especially for great service, but I was tired, ready to go, and upset with this experience.

When I saw the bill was totaled $38.61; I told my husband to make it an even $40 and leave a $1.39 tip. Yes, I did and yes, I would do it again!!!!

For the future, we would most certainly go to the restaurant again, but I will NOT accept having her as a waitress and will make my preference known to the manager present.

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Jenny said...

You are nice, I would not have left a tip at all! Of course, then you'd be sitting there waiting another 30 minutes for her to bring back your change!