Thursday, September 1, 2011

A FREE Happy Birthday Makes The Day Better!!

Next week is my daughter, son, and I birthdays! To be more specific, its 9/7 (ME), 9/9 (son), and 9/11 (daughter).......yeah, I know; crazy right! LOL!

Back when I first started blogging, I found out that there were many places that gave some nice freebies to those celebrating birthdays. After some research (long before Extreme Couponing on TLC), I found there were tons of places willing to give nicely discounted coupons, free desserts, and even meals to folks celebrating birthdays.

This brings me to the present moment. A few weeks ago I started signing myself and the kids up for FREE birthday stuff. Here's what I have already and coming soon, via email and US mail:

1. RITA'S!!!!! Not only do they have the BEST water ice on the planet, but an Awesome birthday club. Sign up and they'll give you a FREE regular size ice of your choice!! So me, my daughter and son will get FREE ices, just have to buy 1 for daddy!! Better than buying 4!

Next up is California Kitchen Pizza. This place has yummy food for not just adults but for kids with a healthy vibe. Its not just your average cheese or pepperoni pizza, but more exotic like BBQ Chicken, Martguerita, and Hawaiian Pizza! Well this fantastic place too has a birthday club, but for children! Sign up your kids and they'll each get a FREE Pizza, Chicken, Pasta or Salad with a drink and dessert! This will make a nice Lunch outing because we'll have to free meals (I'll sample my son's; he'll be 1 and doesn't eat too much, works for me!)
After that is Toys R US! They too have a Birthday Club! Sign up the kids and you'll get a card, $3.00 off gift card, a balloon, crown, and your name annoucement over the store's system!

This is one of my favorite Free Birthday Treats; Cold Stone Creamery! They have my favorite Ice Cream, Cake Batter, Yummy! They have a birthday club where they'll give you a coupon for Buy One Get One Free, so both kids will get there's free and my husband and I will have to pay for ours; still better than buying 4!

Boston Market! Boston Market! Sign up the kids and I hear they are giving FREE kid's meals, drinks, and dessert to each child for their birthday!! Another FREE lunch day, because I can sample Ethan, again since he's just 1 isn't the best eater, LOL.

This is another great one! My local supermarket will give a FREE 1/4 sheet birthday cake to any child turning 1! A Free CAKE, awesome! And since I am having their birthday party together, in a circus theme, I will have them decorate the cake just like that, but without the names. I have stuff at home to do that with!

I also received freebies and nicely discounted coupons from Burger king, Holihans Restaurant, Ruby Tuesdays, Friendly's, Children's Place, and many more places and you can too!! Go sign up and enjoy the perks of turning a year older!!!!!

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Kevin said...

I love free food and am on several birthday lists with various places. Sadly, my birthday is in June so it's a long way off right now.