Monday, September 26, 2011

Why is Milk, Gas, Cheese, & Bread are all more than $4.00??

Please someone, tell me.

I went to the market; on the way, gas is $4.

Milk is $4.39 for 1% (we don't buy the whole milk)

Then head over to the cheese section, oh its 7.99 a POUND for provolone cheese; ugh

Finally bread. We eat whole wheat and was $3.69 for 1. Just 1 loaf.......

Its either more expensive to eat healthier or prices is just going up on everything.

I have to find more ways to stretch the money my husband makes. We try not to get too comfortable with his salary because anything could happen.

On another note; my total was $295 and after coupons/store savings/store gift cards (used from this post), I managed to only pay $55 out of pocket!!! I had 2 carts full of food and it felt great! I even had my 2 kids with me and it took almost 2 hours; which is pretty good.

BTW: When I got home with the food and started to put away the items, I noticed my son had put a loaf of Potato bread in the cart. Of coarse, I didn't realize it until I got home. I paid $3.69 for potato bread and we dont eat it. It will be going back to the store when my husband gets home. He had a can of chilli as well under his leg, but I found that in time and put it on the shelf.

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Until next time.........


Anonymous said...

I love the new look of the blog. And as a parent who put three kids through 12 years of Catholic school each(my youngest is a jr now) all I can tell you is choose the trips. Oh and sometimes if you are a chaperone they don't charge you.

Its expensive but worth every penny I spent.


Jenny said...

Everything has gone up! It's insane. You did really good with coupons!

LOL about the potato bread. That stuff is nasty!