Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Ya Just Love "Finding" Cash & Weight Update.....

I do!!

I really do!!!

Sometimes in my hectic schedule, I put things in places where I cant find them.

My husband will enthusiastically back me up on this............. :-)

I am even at a point where I put things away in places, just so I'd remember where they are; then up and forget. Crazy, right?? Dont ya just hate that? LOL

Well today, I was putting away the new Transformers Blu-Ray (rented from Redbox) in the glove compartment in the car because I was on my way to the car wash. Little did I know, in the back......I see a $30 Gift Card to a local supermarket and a $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card!!!!

I felt so happy, I could scream!!!

It was certainly a nice "surprise ending" to a rather stressful week.

An update on the sinuses and weight:

I gained a pound!! Yay!! 119lbs.... Goal: 128-130lbs.

Also, my meds say "take 4x daily breakfast for 5 days, then 2x daily for 5 days, then 1 a day for 5 days". So of coarse I think, start taking one at breakfast, the the remaining 3 during the rest of the day, and so on and so on.....

Apparently, I was supposed to take all 4 at once! What? Those instructions were so confusing.

I called the pharmacist and he told me either way was fine, either all at once or throughout the day as long as its the full dose each day.

Whew!! I was getting nervous I was taking it wrong so far.

Although I still am feeling some pain, I'm hopeful it'll go away. I still have over half of the prescription left. I realize I may have sinuses issues for the rest of my life, but the nasal pain should cease.....


Kevin said...

Oh the luxury of needing to gain weight. LOL, of course gaining weight in a healthy manner is probably not as fun as just eating a bunch of fried foods all the time.

And finding $55 in gift cards too? You have it made right now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding the gift cards. Its always nice to find something like that