Sunday, October 9, 2011

1% = $40 less per month.......

The small, tiny, microcosm town my husband works in has instituted a "new" tax of 1%.

I honestly don't even know what this "new" tax is for.........and neither does my husband.

Therefore 1% = $20 less each pay period and since my DH gets paid twice a month there goes $40 to some cause we may never know of.

On the same note, our township is submitting proposals to increase the sewer fee and general property tax.

This is the part where being an adult sucks!!!

Big Time!!!

The sewer fee is already $160 a year and our property taxes are over $4,000 a year......

We'll I did want to live in a "nicer" area, so I guess I can't complain but it seems everything is going up and up.

I have to become more cunning, frugal, and wise to maintain some since of life around here.

And to think, we are talking about buying another house in a much nicer, expensive area....what in the world is going through my head!!!!!!


Michelle P said...

That stinks! 1% adds up. And our sewer fee is around $31 a month, so I feel your pain.

Jenny said...

That's no fun! You need to find out what that 1% is. That would drive me crazy.

Last year our property taxes went up a lot, but the value of homes went down. I don't know how they did those calculations?!