Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Car = Mental Relief

We bought a new car.

We are both happy and relieved.

Now yes, we have a car payment, but we can comfortably afford it and it gives us a piece of mind.

I'm sure some would ask, "why not buy a used car?"; but we just got out of a long experience with that idea.

Currently, I drive an Honda Pilot and my husband (now) drives an Acura TSX.

Until August of 2011, I drove an 1998 Honda Accord & my husband drove an 1994 Honda Civic.

Both of our old cars were paid for; so no car payments, right?



Now having no car payments have its perks right? extra bills, can save more more, etc....

Now, onto the bad.......


At least, in our case......

They say Honda cars can go a life time....
Maybe in dog years........

We'll to be fair, the Honda accord was bought brand new in 1998 and had 135,000 miles and the Honda Civic had 154,000 miles when we gave them up.

When our cars started to not start, or while driving....just stop and cut off, smoke coming out of the engine, 2....yes, 2 rebuild TRANSMISSIONS, and countless other problems; it was time for them to be retired.

The money we put out in car repairs could have bought us 2 cars, literally.

You know how much 2 rebuild transmissions costs??? A Whole lot of Moolah!

Last year, we decided we had enough of it.

We saved up some money and bought a Pilot.

Recently, my husband's car started to have engine trouble.

Then it was making a lot of noise.

THEN.....oil was leaking from the engine. fix it would be $1000.

We just got tired of this....

My husband went and found a car he liked, test drove it, etc.

I went back with him and test drove it myself and like it.

We got our money straight and bought the Acura.

We even manage to get $1,500 for the old car and it was worth just $500!!

Both the Pilot and Acura have warranties and whenever we have a major problem, its nice to be able to take the car to someone and get it fixed and not have to worry about cost.

Enjoying this moment!

All smiles!


Michelle P said...

Car troubles are stressful, that's why I bought a new car. My car though has a lot of miles on it now from me driving it like crazy.

Jenny said...

I'm afraid this is going to happen to us soon. Our cars are a 2001 and a 2003. Both are paid off, which is awesome! Mine has almost 130,000 miles and I'm afraid one of these days we'll have to face the big question: to buy or to fix! EEEK!q

Love Abounds At Home said...

Yay! Congrats on your new cars :)

~Carla~ said...

Glad you found a car to fit your needs! Car repairs are definitely a BIG part of a car-buying decision! Enjoy your new car smell! ;) lol!