Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A-Z.......All about me!

I found this over at http://steadyplodding.blogspot.com/ and found it fun to read and actually participate in.

If interested in participating, link up in the comments...I would love to read your responses.

Here goes:

A - Age 27
B - Bed Size - Full (its tight, will be getting queen size bed)
C- Chore You Hate - washing dishes
D - Dogs - none, i'm afraid.
E - Essential Start to Your Day - Jesus. I need him to wake me me up first....... :-)
F - Favorite Color - Purple all day!!

G - Gold or Silver -Silber or white gold
H - Height - 5' 5"
I - Interests - budgeting, coupons, macy's and watching t.v.
J - Job Title - Homemaker
K - Kids - 2 ; daughter is 5 and son is 1
L - Live - in the suburbs outside of philadelphia
M - Mother's Name - Alleine
N - Nickname - Sheeny, sheena beena, dear, mom (my husband calls me mom)
O - Overnight Hospital Stays - 2 birth of both kids
P - Pet Peeves - people who stand on corners all day long......
Q - Quote From a Film - "Mr. Darcy...."
-Pride and Prejudice..
R - Right or Left-Handed - Right

S - Siblings - 3 younger sisters...13, 19, 21
T - Time You Wake Up - 7am everyday
U- Underwear - Hanes Briefs...or granny underwear, lol. I gotta be comfy...
V - Vegetables You Hate - Squash
W- What Makes You Run Late - Reading blogs and surfing on-line
X - X-Rays You've Had - Teeth, head, boobs....
Y - Yummy Food That You Make - banana pudding, shrimp scampi, cake
Z - Zoo Animal - dolphin.......wait that's the aquarium, lol

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~Carla~ said...

I lve reading these! :) Are you afraid of ALL dogs? Or just big ones?