Friday, October 21, 2011

Clothes Shopping and AMEX update

Hi All

Today, I attempted to get the kids a few pieces of clothing and was very disgusted.

Why are clothes so expensive and good sales few and far between?

I was looking for a heavy jacket for my son who is a size 18 months...wanna know the price of the jacket?


Seriously, $70 for a baby who is still learning how to walk?

I did have a 20% off coupon and although I could afford it, that is just too much.

I will go to Target or Walmart (and we don't have the best relationship) instead.

I managed to get a pair of sneakers/2 pajamas for my son and a pair of dress shoes/2 dresses/pack of t-shirts for $60.

I also ventured into Macy's.

That's another one of my "trap" stores; along with Target, Dressbarn & HomeGoods.

I was casually looking around and, of coarse, they are having an awesome sale.

.............2 SUITS FOR $100.......

Now if you know anything about Macy's and a good suit, you know that both tend to be expensive.

I saw a red suit that I picked up because my current one has an oil stain and the cleaners cannot remove it. I just considered it a lost cause and found a new one....and its quite lovely. Original price was $240; go tit for $50.

I also bought a white suit because I've always wanted one. The original price was $200; got it for $50

This is where the Amex update comes in.

Since this wasn't budged....I used my Amex card.

Current balance: $197.00
Max. Limit (I put on myself): $350
(Amex is paid in full each month)
That leaves $153 for the next 3 weeks.

We still need to get gas 1 more time
Go out on a date lunch
$25 for groceries (to grab milk , cheese, etc.....we eat everything so fast nowadays)

I'm think I'm going to transfer $100 from our savings account to cover the 2 suits...which will leave $253 remaining for my Amex budget goal.

Have a grand weekend.

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~Carla~ said...

Have you considered 2nd hand shopping? You can find great items, high quality at a fraction of the price! A couple years ago I found my daughter a very high quality snowsuit that looked brand new for $15! She's wearing that snowsuit again this year... That averages out to $5/year so far! I also *fully* clothed my youngest 2 girls fall & winter wardrobe for $100! :) It can really stretch your budget!