Thursday, October 20, 2011

Move Over Kids, Mama's Turn To Look Cute..........

I got some things for myself today.

Yeah, finally............LOL (Que the fireworks)

Usually, I don't buy myself anything (regularly, anyway) except for a snack or something of the like..and most of the time, the kids stiff it out and I have to share my special snack.

Most cases, I put myself last for my family, but sometimes its ok to put mama first.

I had a $30 Gift Card to DSW and today they were having an awesome sale, so I'd thought I put that gift card to good use.

I have been wanting some shoes for a while, but a style/design that I didnt have.

I also wanted something with color.

.........As much as I love black, off-white and navy blue; it does get tiring & dare I say.....boring after a while.

While browsing through DSW's website, I finally found the shoes that I the color that I wanted.

The color was gold/champagne!

I love it!!!!!!

Absolutely adore it!!!!

I love the brand (Jones New York), the style, heel height...........just everything about the shoe.

If I could have it in every color, I would.

I also got a FREE (yes, FREE) Rumer Tote Bag (for being a DSW rewards member) ...

And I also bought a pair of Anne Klein stockings for $10 (I cannot stand cheap pantyhose! My legs itch something fierce)...


*I got a pair of Jones New York gold/champagne pumps ($74.99, but was marked to $29.99),

*The FREE Rumer bag/tote

*A pair of Anne Klein stockings

* PLUS FREE Fedex shipping (for being a DSW rewards member)

For $9.89!!!

****Total BEFORE sales/$30 GC/coupon was $128.98........paid $9.98 out of pocket!!!*****

What??? know I had to have a coupon or something in addition to a good sale!

Shopping mixed with an inexpensive out of pocket total = HAPPINESS FOR MAMA

We deserve to look cute too!!!!!


~Carla~ said...

Love the shoe!! Gorgeous colour!! :) Great find!

Out My window said...

You mean you haven't figured out how to hide in the bathroom and eat that chocolate bar with the water running so they don't hear the paper crinkle. You need to improve those mommy survival skills. Love the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the shoes. But I agree with Kim you gotta improve those sneaking skills. Crouching beside the washer as it hits spins cycle, or buried under blankets while they are sleeping, or my all time favorite hiding in the car.

Anyway love the shoes and the bag!!

Great deal

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

Thx ladies!

I honestly dont know how they know I have a snack.

I keep it in my nightstand and still they "smell" it.

I can't wait too late int he evening cause I'll fall asleep while enjoying my snack (I have done it in the past)lol, so I have to try your tips.