Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Staying on Budget & Law Order Addiction

So Far, So Good.............

Payday was Friday, it's Tuesday and I have been staying on track with Amex.

The Amex has a current balence of $4.04 (for a gallon of gas my husband used to fill his gas container.)

As you remember from this post, I am focusing on keeping the Amex balance between $300-$400 (gas, misc., etc).

To achieve this goal, I am preventing myself from making unnecessary trips to the store & when I have to go out, make sure I have a list, coupons, and focus on why I am there. Not venture into other aisles.

Saving and being frugal in ALL areas will become a priority!!

Here's to 4 more weeks.... :-)

Onto Law & Order........

Specifically, Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

I tell you the honest truth............I can't watch the 1st 5min of that show.

If I do, I end up watching the ENTIRE hour.

It sucks me in. Literally....

I've tried to pull myself away, but I can't. I have to know what happened.

And it doesn't help that Det. Robert Green ( Vincent D'Onofrio) is awesome. How he solves cases, how he thinks and the like, is just pure genius.

My husband wont buy me the seasons and neither will I......no need to feed this addiction, LOL.

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keshling said...

My guilty pleasure/obsession is Sons of Anarchy....gotta love a bit of mayhem in an otherwise dull life!!!

K xx