Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 Kids, $200 and Christmas......can it be done?

We'll of coarse!!

Christmas, in my family, means celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

In that, we give to others because of the wonderful gift he gave to us.

Each year, we give to others in the hope that they will see the love, time, effort and joy we put into making them smile and feel loved.

This year I have challenged myself to shop with less money for the kids because:
1. Christmas is more than just TOYS, TOYS, TOYS
2. They don't even pay those toys any mind after a few weeks or so.

With that said, my budget for both kids is $200 total!! That includes taxes, fees......whatever, you can name, its included in the $200.

I usually like to start towards the beginning of September to shop, but was delayed.

I also will be doing their shopping online because:
1. I can get the BEST deal
2. Spending a few hours running to various stores with 2 kids can be stressful
3. I can earned points for the purchases I make online and redeem those points for a gift card!
4. It saves gas & time. I can sit at my husband's desk and just click and type!!

I made a list of what type of toy to get and how many toys both kids can get.

.................. Each child will get 6 toys each.'s what they are getting :

1. Bubble set (she LOVES bubbles)-$3.00-clearence from summer
2. Betty Crocker Play Food/Pots/Pans Set-$16.99
3. Baby Alive Doll (comes with food, diapers, etc)-$39.99
4. Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center-$14.99
5. Pretend Jewelry case/set-$12.99
6. Little Einsteins DVD-$7.99

Total for Daughter: $95.95

1. Train Set-$6.00-clearence @ Target
2. Blue's Clues DVD-$7.99
3. Mega Blocks for Tots-$10.00
4. Fisher-Price Baby Blocks-$12.99
5. Play Farm (with balls, animals, music, sound)-$19.99
6.Rolling ball Truck- $15.99

Total for Son: $72.96

Total for both :$95.95 + $72.96 + 6% tax + $10 shipping (shipping was $35, but Toys R US gave $25 free) = $189.04!!!!

Did I mention I have $35 Toys R US Gift card I was saving towards their gifts!


And I will buy their stuff via MyPoints or Ebates or some other site to get points or cash rewards for my purchases!!!


Jenny said...

Perfect plan!! I've started buying for Christmas too. Target has some great printable coupons now and I got my nephew some Kreo Transformers stuff he's been wanting!

I also have a few things for Abby. I was so excited to learn I had won a Light Sprites giveaway on Thanks Mail Carrier. It's a $80 value set and it's so cool that Santa is bringing it! Nothing like free Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan. I HATED baby alive when my daughters had her because one kept getting moldy on the inside.

I am almost done just have to finish wrapping


~Carla~ said...

Well done!! :) Great gifts, I bet your kids will be thrilled!

Michelle P said...

Good job!

slugmama said...

Sounds like a good plan!
If I could go back to when my kids were little like yours, I'd do it differently than I did.
I learned that more than a couple of toys overwhelmed my kids until they were about 3 yrs old.
Wait until yours are older, then they'll be asking for all those specific name branded Hot toys of the season you can't find or even worse, when they hit teen yrs. everything they'll want will be $200.lolol