Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rip-Off Item of the Month: Halloween Costumes!!!!!!!!

Yes, Halloween Costumes.....

I have looked everywhere; Walmart, Target, Carter's, Specialty Stores.......everywhere costumes are, I tried to look.

I thought I'd try to keep each costume at $15 or less, but nope!

I saw some that were $50!!!! And that was in Toys R US!!

$50 for a child's costume is just a RIPOFF!!

And it doesnt come with everything that the kid of the package has on.....just the body and maybe one other accessory. I have to buy the cute shoes, head band, wings, etc....

Then my daughter has requested to be a Princess!! Nice, right? Except being a princess is one of the most expensive type of costumes out there. It's the dress, tiara, wand, shoes and on and on.....

My son, I'm hoping an animal of some kind. Maybe a puppy, elephant, tiger or little bear.

And this doesn't included candy for a Pumpkin party, candy to give out to trick or treaters, or a little bag or pal for my kids to put their candy in as well.

And dont get me started on candy.......

Candy is getting more and more expensive. Maybe I'll hit up a dollar store; grab about 10 bags and once its done, it's done! Porch light off and my house is closed for the evening, lol!

Oh well, let me stop complaining. Who am I kidding? I know I'm gonna go out and buy it anyway, but I just had to vent.

And to think...........Halloween is just the beginning! Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming VERY fast!!


Jenny said...

Seriously, costumes are insanely expensive! Do you have a kids resale shop around? I noticed ours has costumes seasonally.

Good luck with your costume hunt!

Anonymous said...

When my girls were princesses I went to the Salvation army and bought two flower girl type dresses, crowns from dollar store, and I took silver spray paint and painted an old pair of sneakers.

My son was a teddy bear one year. Brown sweat shirt, brown sweat pants and sewed two removable ear shapes onto the hood of the sweatshirt.

Good luck though, costumes are so expensive


Michelle P said...

Costumes are ridiculously expensive and the material is always so cheap!

~Carla~ said...

My kids know we do homemade here, so they need to be creative because I WILL NOT spend that much money on Halloween stuff! I picked up a $5.00 SpongeBob costume this year for one of my kids, my youngest said she'll wear her brown cow costume from last, so I'm set there! My oldest made er costume & just needs a make-up kit & teeth. The costumes will probably cost under $10 when all is said & done thankfully!