Sunday, March 22, 2009

$7.50!!!!!! That was NOT worth $7.50!!!!

Yes, that's how much I made from my clothes at the consignment sale. Well, it really was $15.00, but they took half.

I sold 3 items:

1. Pair of White Kids (Girls)-$5.00
2. Pack of 6 pink Onesies - $5.00
3. Pack of baby blankets - $5.00

I had sent about 32 items and put ALOT of time and effort into getting that stuff ready. I even tried to be really fair with pricing, but to no avail. I spent days and many hours gathering that stuff and for a net of $7.50, just isn't worth it.

Besides, I'd rather give my daughter's old items to a women's shelter or charity, because frankly, that, to me, is worth much more than $7.50.

Even as I am venting, I am grateful that I did sell something, but man, $7.50, wasn't what I was expecting. You can believe though, that I will deposit that $7.50 check with pride...LOL.

Having more company today!

Enjoy your evening!


Jenny said...

Oh no! What a bummer!

I used to sell clothes on ebay, but I gave up after ebay changed all of their rules and I was losing more money and then what it was worth.

Lechelle said...

I thought about selling my clothes through a cosignment shop, but decided against it when a friend said they didn't want to give her anything on the clothes that still had merchandise tags.

I also thought about using ebay and started researching the seller policy and said "No Thanks".

Now, I'm going to have a garage sale and the clothes that don't sell will be given to charity.