Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, how I love JC Penny!!!!

Before Macy's became my favorite store, it was JC Penny. Unfortunately, they shut down and the nearest one happened to be 25min away.

I decided to venture out to JCP to see what sales they had, especially for Home Furnishings; our living and dining rooms are very bare..LOL.

Boy, did I hit the jackpot (Praise GOD!) Here's what I purchased:

2 brown/salmon colored pillow- orig. $20 each, paid $7.99 for each
1-2 photo wall picture-orig. $59.99, paid $6.97 (clearance)
1 walnut/black picture frame- orig. $59.99, paid $6.97 (clearance)
2 sea green window panels for our office-orig. $35.00 each, paid $2.97 each (clearance)
3 photo album gift set-orig. $20, paid $3.97 (clearance)

Paid $42.70 for all this....My receipt said I saved $212.60!!!!! Oh, how I love JC Penny!!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

That's great! I never have much luck at Penney's, but I don't have much luck anywhere, really.