Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Us Girls Tonight! husband is going out to a business dinner with some of his co-workers (company paid) at a very nice restaurant. He wont be home until late, probably not until our daughter is in bed; but I have a fun night planned for my daughter and me.

We ventured out to Old Navy because I had an 30% off coupon and was able to get a shirt, pants, and 2 pairs of socks for our daughter for just $8.75! Amazing, huh?! I then went to a store called Plato's Closet; it's like an upscale thrift store that sells a lot of famous designers like Prada, Guess, etc. I found a pair of really cute brown shoes for just $10.00!

After that we went to the market to grab some groceries. I didn't want to order takeout because it can get really tiring and it doesn't make you full; it's just a temporary fill. We wanted something tasty and healthy. We are having a chicken salad for dinner..yum! Also, I was going to rent a movie from the redbox they have, but red box didn't have any movies my daughter or myself would want to watch, so I just passed on the idea. Maybe, we'll just color or make something from construction

We'll that's what I have planned for us girls this evening. I hope you all have a great evening as well!

Instead of ordering takeout, I went to the

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Katrina said...

I hope your night was just as good when you got home from shopping. Sounds like a perfect beginning to the weekend.