Monday, March 23, 2009

Planning Our 4th Wedding Our Anniversary!!

The day was Friday, June 24th, 2005.
We were married by 11:30am.
Had a wonderful reception on the lake in a great restaurant.
So many family and friends to share our new life with.'s almost 4 years later and my hubby and I try to make a big deal out of our anniversaries (not expensive, though)because celebrating our marriage is VERY important to us. Besides communication, romance is a MUST to keep a strong marriage going strong.

Every year, thus far, we have tried to do something that must include 3 requirements:
1. We have to celebrate out of the home
2. We have to have fun (isn't that's what celebrating is for?!)
3. Must be affordable.

Our 1st anniversary we went to Sea World and had a blast!
Our 2nd anniversary, we went to Baltimore, MD and stayed in a great hotel and visited the aquarium.
Last year we went out to dinner, since we had a little one (our daughter)

This year isn't much different. I started planning last night because you can never be too early. We have a budget, of coarse. See below.

Anniversary Budget-$250.00

We will be staying overnight (Saturday into Sunday) at a 4 diamond hotel, which is equivalent to 5 starts.

We will have the Romance Package- Cost $183.00
....which includes the over night stay in a luxurious room, dinner for both of us, bottle of champagne (we will NOT be using it though), breakfast for both of us, parking, taxes, and fees. The hotel also has free wifi, a pool, and atrium. My hubby and I both agreed, this was a GREAT deal. We also can choose to be on a high floor, which is what we want; what type of pillows, and even checking in early.

We also will be going to a museum-Cost $28.50

We always try to grab a souvenir- Cost $10.00

We'll also grab some lunch while we are there- Cost $15.00

We'll also budget for cards to give to each other $5.00

Grand Total = $241.50...which leaves us with $8.50 to spare.

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Jenny said...

Great idea to have a budget for your anniversary!

We usually just go to dinner. Our 8 year anniversary is in August!

Happy Anniversary early!