Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kohls: Over $119.00 worth of items for $38.00!!!!!

I saved $81.93!!

Yes....I went and picked up some items from Kohls that would've been $119.93 but due to sales and clearance prices I paid $38.00 (incl. tax)! I saved $81.93!!

Since we bought our 1st home back in Jan. 09, we have been trying to find ways to decorate it with nice things but for an inexpensive price. We've been doing pretty good and bought most of the items we already have on sale or clearance. My rule of thumb when entering a store is to go straight to the clearance section. I have been very lucky in that department and I give all the credit to GOD.

Here's what I bought:
Dark wood wall frame that hold 3-5x7's. ~Org. price-$49.99 Clearance price -$9.99
Cocoa & Mug set~ Orig. $14.99/Clearance price -$1.49
Door Hanging decor~ Orig. $14.99/Clearance price -$1.49
Candle~ Orig. $9.99/ sale price - $4.99
Garden Flag~ Orig. $9.99/ sale price $5.99
2 wall inspirational portraits~ Orig. $19.98

Now I gotta find my camera so I post a picture so you all can "see" it.

Enjoy your day!

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Jenny said...

I love Kohl's! I have a Kohl's card, just so I can get the extra savings. When I get a 30% off coupon, my Mom and sisters usually come with me! LOL!