Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Februrary was costly BUT it could've been worse..........

Sometimes we cannot see unforeseen events. Sometimes we just have to roll with the punches. But sometimes (with planning) these "surprises" can be almost done away instantly. February was such a month.

We bought a house, had to renew car insurances on BOTH cars, have homeowners insurance, get BOTH cars inspected, and a host of other things. What we didn't plan on was the battery dying in one of the cars. I guess we could see why since it was the original battery and the car is 11 years old! We had to get a battery from an auto store which cost about $100 including installation. Then a couple of days ago, the same car wouldn't start; we knew it wasn't the battery this time because we'd just replaced it. So my hubby said it could be the starter and he was right. Cost: $435 for part and labor & $55 to tow the car to the auto shop!!! Yes, that's almost $500! But this is another reason why I am a TRUE believer in saving money. Having a savings account allowed us to take care of this issue right then and there. It felt good not having to worry or wait to fix the car. Since we had some extra money coming in this month; we only used $150 of our Emergency Fund and we still have over 4 months of living expenses saved up!!

Also, the same car got inspected and passed but the mechanic "suggested" that we get the filters changed and fix something regarding the fuel injection; needless to say, we didn't want any problems with the car so they were able to fix it for $222 included the inspection, parts, and labor. We took this from our regular savings account the but the money will be replaced by the end of March.

So now we have our homeowners insurance paid up until next year, our car insurance on BOTH cars paid for six months, both cars inspected, we have moved into our new home and are settled, and both cars are up and running. Thank GOD for Jesus!

I'm looking forward to March...warmer weather, no more gigantic bills, hubby's gets a bonus, a promotion at hubby's job is in the works, he will be going to Europe again but just for a week! (we went last year for a month; so we are grateful for a week this time!), and might have to travel to SLC, Utah. I look at this as good news because with so many people losing their jobs, hubby's company trusts & depends on him enough to pay for him to travel to other states/countries to train their staff for them. Thank GOD!

So March/April should be interesting! Am I ready? Is my hubby ready? I guess we'll see!

Enjoy your day!

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Michelle said...

I'm very happy to be visiting your blog from Sisterly Savings! Of course I entered my name and blog info WRONG. Just not on the ball today. Went to Target and forgot an important coupon. I enjoyed reading your post. You should be very proud of yourself and your family for making every effort to live within your means. A lot of people don't appreciate how important it is to keep an emergency fund. You just never know what life is going to throw your way and it is so important to just be prepared. It brings peace of mind. So good for you! Michelle Cool Deals