Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes being Busy = Less Organization

I have been so busy since Friday of last week.

Friday: My sister came into town for her spring break; she goes to college in the south, so she's up visiting for the week. My mother flew in from St. Louis. My dad, my sister (college), and my daughter went to lunch as well; we had a nice time. I had to drop off some items I was selling at a consignment sale (which I will post about to let you know how I did); in addition to going to a meeting at my church that night, which happens to be in another state. I got home after 10pm.

Saturday: Went to Best Buy with hubby to search for a T.V.; we had been planning to buy one but my hubby wanted to wait until he found the perfect t.v. (he knows ALOT about electronics). Before we left though, I tidied up the house. We got home and I needed to prepare for church the next day.

Sunday: Spent most of our time in church. We got home, changed,& had dinner. We also had my MIL and brother in law over for a few hours.

Monday: Hubby found a t.v. he liked, so he ordered it and it's should be here this week. I also washed a ton of clothes and went food shopping at one of the stores I normally go to.

Tuesday: Cleaned some more. Had to get daughter and myself ready for church that evening.

Wednesday: I went food shopping at my other store, went to the post office, dry cleaners, library, playground, JC Penny (which I saved over $212.00; I will post about), toys r us, and went to lunch. Boy, was I tired last night.

Thursday (today): I will be traveling to my Dad's house, which is a distance away, to visit him, my mom, and my sister who's up here for the week. I also have to prepare for some guests that we might be having tomorrow.

Since I had a lot going on, I didn't keep track of my spending or meals as I should. But I'm glad though that I have a mental ability to retain information, because I always am checking our finances, which helps me avoid OVER spending.

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Jenny said...

You have been busy, girl!

I'll wave to your Mom. I'm in St. Louis also. Sorry you had to go to Best Buy again. LOL! I'm glad your hubby found a TV. My husband would like a new one also.