Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emergency Planning...Am I Prepared?

I have been thinking about this for sometime now and it has been tugging at my spirit more and more nowadays. Something is about to happen. I don't know what, but I can feel it. It's very heavy and it demanding I pay attention.

With all the greed/corruption going on in our country, the rate of crime will only increase if more and more bad decisions made by our leaders are made. I trust no man as much as I trust God; therefore, I believe no man as much as I believe GOD. As a result, I will follow his lead.

It seems like our leaders are getting worse and worse. They are cheating, taking advantage of, and have no respect for regular citizens. They already are millionaires but they'll get caught stealing $10,000. It doesn't make sense, but then again it does. The eye of man is NEVER satisfied,, NEVER. Solomon said that and he was and will be the richest man to ever live. Our leaders have to put a stop to being selfish and give to others...but of coarse I can only hope.

As a result, I will be starting to assemble an Emergency kit. I plan to have a detailed, well organized kit that will provide what my family will need to get through a crisis resulting from a revolt, crime, natural disasters, etc.

I have a list of items

1. Water
2. Can food
3. Manual can opener
4. Utensils (fork/spoon)
5. Non-perishable snacks
6. Well stocked Medical Kit
7. Scissors
8. $100 Cash
2. Emergency contact list-written
3. Breathing masks
4. 3 blankets
5. 2 Flash lights
6. Light sticks
7. Candles- a least 2 long candles
8. Tin can
9. Water purification tablets
10. lighter
11. Gloves (work and latex)
12. AM/FM radio
13. Batteries (AA/AAA/9V)
14. Mini sewing kit (needle, thread, safety pins, etc.)
15. Set of warm changing clothes for hubby, daughter, self
16. Extra socks and underwear
17. Extra glasses for me
18. Pen/Pad
19. Whistle
20. Pocket knife
21. Map or atlas
22. Laminated birth certificates
23. Laminated social security cards
24. Passports
25. Credit cards (including copy of front/back)
26. Will (draft)
27. Financial statements/copy mortgage docs.
28. List of passwords - not including
29. Health records for daughter
30. USB drive with important electronic docs.
31. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
32. Deodorant
33. Soap
34. Toothpaste
35. Toothbrush
36. Toilet Paper
37. Wipes (moist, sanitizing, disinfectant)
38. Pads
39. Brush, mirror, hair supplies
40. Jumper cables
41. Ice scraper
42. Bible

I know it looks like a lot but in the case of an emergency, I would be able to be at ease knowing there was a detailed emergency kit in place. Now of coarse I have a budget set $100..not including the cash. The good thing is that we have many of these items already!

Do you have a Emergency Kit in place? Feel Free to use the above list, if you like.

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Katrina said...

I haven't been reading much on here lately but I agree with what you are doing. I have had some strange feelings could just be all my stress but putting a kit together is perfect for easing part of anyone's stress. Great blog!