Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Fun Time!!

Family Time/Fun is VERY important to my hubby and I. Spending time together as a family can help us create a close knit relationship, especially as our daughter gets older & my hubby and I grow in our marriage.

We try to keep Family Time/Fun relatively inexpensive. We are trying to do something all of us would enjoy. We may play games, like the Wii or board games, order pizza, watch movies, etc.

Tonight we are going to Chuckie Cheese!

We are going here tonight because:

1. It's a Wednesday, so fewer kids and noise.
2. Inexpensive with my coupon: Coupon- for $24.99 we'll get a large 2 topping pizza, drinks, and 50 games tokens (each game takes 1 token)
3. Chuckie Cheeses is great because it tires our daughter out. She's ready to go to bed by the time we get home.
4. Hubby also enjoys himself because he likes playing the games; he wins so many tickets so our daughter can pick out a nice prize before we leave.
5. I like watching our daughter have fun and enjoy herself.

So for $25 we get dinner, drinks, games, and fun!! Maybe next time we'll go bowling!


Katrina said...

Hope ya'll have a great time. KeKe loves Chuck E. Cheese. We take her as often as we can and the coupons are great. KeKe actually calls it Chuck-N-Cheeses...we usually get a good laugh out of that.

Jenny said...

How fun! I haven't been there since I was a kid.

Have a great time!