Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taxes, etc.

I was busy from Friday Morning until now and we have some guests coming over in a bit. I had a good weekend but since I had time I wanted to put up a post.

My husband got a bonus from his job and a nice one too. He got 10% of his salary but boy oh boy, when the tax man took his share, we were left with about 53% net of his bonus. Yes, the tax man took 47% but to be honest we understand. See, I grew up not having money and was able to use free government programs/services because my mom didn't hardly make any money. We were on welfare and WIC because we could not afford these things on our own. I thank GOD for those programs because they allowed me to go see a doctor, get 2 surgeries, food, and other important items. Some people would turn their noses up on the poor, but because both my husband and I saw how much the government services helped our families when we were growing up, we totally see the need for taxes.

I try and remember how it was not being able to by milk, eggs, or diapers for my sisters. Because of taxes, the government is able to provide these services to families for free. Yes, there may have been people who abuse the system or could've made better choices, but I think about the children. They didn't ask to be in their situation and why have them suffer for their parents bad mistakes.

So..... he got the bonus and first we paid our tithes, saved some, and got computer monitor from BEST BUY of coarse! Thank GOD because he was able to get a nice bonus in these hard economic times, where many people are losing jobs. I want the LORD to continue blessing us and if we turn our noses up and become uppity and high minded, then he wont allow us the have more because of how we look down on others. He would rather have mercy than sacrifice. To have compassion on others! To never forget where you came from!

BTW- our church service was GREAT! Thank GOD for JESUS!

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